Welcome to Karlstad, Minnesota, the Moose Capital of the North. Karlstad is home to approximately 900 people and is located in the southeast corner of Kittson County at the junction of U.S. Highway 59 and Minnesota State Highway 11. Residents of  Karlstad benefit from having a variety of churches, businesses, industries and services. Some of these include fine health care facilities, a large volunteer fire department, a complete school system and a  cheap jerseys from china full range of housing options.  Karlstad offers many recreational possibilities for all seasons. Parks include tennis courts, volleyball nets, softball fields, playground equipment, skating rink, picnic shelters, bathroom facilities and camping and RV facilities are available. A nine hole golf course, on the northeast corner of town, should certainly be of interest to many golfers in the area. Those interested can also enjoy close proximity to  hunting, snowmobile trails and cross country skiing. For all ages and interests, Karlstad has something to offer you.

Karlstad is also home to the Mattracks company and manufacturing plant.

Visit our city page at: http://www.ci.karlstad.mn.us/

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